The Ultimate Real Estate Transaction Compliance Manual

The Ultimate Real Estate Transaction Compliance Manual represents an essential addition to every real estate professional’s library. Designed as a working tool for any and all stakeholders to a real estate transaction, the manual is sophisticated, yet teachable, and supplies a curated compilation of the up to the minute complex laws and customs surrounding real estate transactions in all 51 jurisdictions. No such resource existed, until now. Relevant stakeholders of mortgage lenders, title agencies, real estate brokerages, real estate law firms, asset managers, real estate portals, and technology providers as well as other industry professionals will appreciate this distillation of the voluminous laws and customs into one encyclopedic manual which is designed to be a quick reference manual as well as an enterprise wide training manual.

Hallmark Features of The Ultimate Real Estate Transaction Compliance Manual

  • Years of thorough research, containing fully-cited explanations of the relevant laws, regulations, and customary practices for each of the 51 jurisdictions.
  • Bluebook-qualified legal citations to every states’ applicable statutes, current through June 2019.
  • Every U.S. state and the District of Columbia has its own chapter in the manual that details its laws, regulations and customs.
  • Each chapter covers the laws, customs and regulations including but not limited to: Title Searches and Examination of the Land Title Records; Ownership - Vesting and its Idiosyncrasies, Death and its Effect on the Transaction; Mortgages, Liens and Foreclosures; Statute of Limitations; Real Estate Closings; Recordation into the Public Records; and Property Taxes.
  • Easy to use and ideal for a multi-jurisdictional training manual for mortgage processors, title agencies and real estate brokerages as well as operational personnel involved in the real estate transaction process.
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About the Authors

Allen Solomon FOUNDER AND CEO System 2 Thinking

Allen Solomon is an American writer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is a graduate of Boston University and Tulane University Law School graduating with high honors. He began his career as an Associate Professor and has a long and distinguished career in the real estate industry. Allen Solomon now serves as the CEO of System 2 Thinking in which solves all of the real estate industry's toughest challenges by providing unparalleled advisory in compliance, strategy, title agency licensing, competitive consulting, technology and process optimization. System 2 Thinking partners with real estate portals, realtech, title agencies, mortgage companies, real estate law firms and technology startups all the way to ..

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Steve P. Daigle, Sr. FOUNDER/CHAIRMAN Punctual Abstract Inc.

Steve Daigle Sr. is the Chairman and Founder of Punctual Abstract Co., Inc., one of the largest abstracting firms in the United States. Punctual Abstract is home to commercial and residential abstractors, an in-house legal counsel, accounting specialists and a dedicated customer service staff that provides a national solution with a local touch. In 1998, Steve led the creation of PABs (Punctual Abstract Base System), a base system of title work that contains millions of properties throughout the country. Since then, PABs has been integrated with all major title software and become a fully paperless, web-based abstracting solution trusted by title companies and lenders across the country.  

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Roberto Abreu CHIEF COMPLIANCE OFFICER System 2 Thinking

Roberto Abreu is the Chief Compliance & Licensing Specialist at System 2 Thinking. After attending the University of Hartford, Roberto later received his A.B.A. Approved Paralegal Certification from Miami-Dade College. After many years working under the direction of Allen Solomon in New York City, Roberto is now considered one of the nation’s premier compliance experts in title industry. As a classically trained violinist, Roberto enjoys the arts in its many forms, spending much of his free time attending orchestral performances and chamber music concerts whenever he gets a chance. Roberto is also currently head of compliance for System 2 Thinking’s parent company, The Rebel Unicorn, LLC.

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About the Book

What is System 2 Thinking?

System 2 Thinking is a boutique management consultancy in New York City which solves all the real estate industry’s toughest challenges by providing unparalleled advisory in compliance, corporate strategic planning, expeditive licensing, competition consulting, technology rollouts and process optimization. System 2 Thinking partners with title agencies, mortgage companies, technology startups, and real estate service providers all the way to Fortune 1000 companies, driving innovation to fuel business acceleration. With technical expertise and seasoned real estate experts and veterans, System 2 Thinking delivers transformational outcomes in a demanding and competitive environment.

When is the manual updated?

The manual is a “living” document and will have updates quarterly during the course of a year. The manual will be digitally updated on January 1 of each year.

Who are the books written for?

The Compliance Manual is useful as a training manual or desk reference for real estate professionals of all kinds: title, mortgage, banking, real estate lawyers, real estate portals, REO, technologists, realtech, insuretech,  and Fintech startups as well as any professional who needs multi state knowledge of the laws and customs of real estate transactions.

What is included in my order?

Each order includes The Ultimate Real Estate Transaction Compliance Manual: Your Guide to Laws and Customs in all 51 Jurisdictions. Updates will be digitally delivered during the year.

Why was this manual written?

Long ago Allen Solomon was surprised to find that there was no one resource that contained each state’s laws, customs and regulations relative to real estate transactions in all 51 jurisdictions.

 Anyone who needs to know how a real estate transaction is structured in any jurisdiction will find ShepardizedⓇ citations and references to every states’ applicable laws and statutes, current through June 2019.

This book was written to help any and all real estate professionals — from a title officer to mortgage processor to a CEO needing a desk reference to an enterprising entrepreneur in need of state-specific instruction comparable to that of a university course — achieve transactional compliance in 51 U.S. jurisdictions.

Is Allen Solomon available for consultation or speaking engagements?

Allen Solomon has consulted organizations of all types and sizes including but not limited to mortgage originators, title agencies and underwriters, real estate portals, REO and other service companies who are providing services regarding real estate transactions. Allen performs compliance audits, process improvement projects, sales training, business valuation, technology roll outs, M & A, national licensing, and other projects focused on the real estate transaction. He is a sought-after motivational speaker and has given corporate keynote addresses as well as speeches at the National Settlement Services Summit and the American Land Title Annual Conferences.


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