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Rave Reviews for the Manual

“The information provided in this book provides the most minute details about everything you need to know to operate in the real estate business no matter what profession you are in. I have been in the real estate business for approximately 20 years, holding as positions in the C suite for many national mortgage companies and owner of a multi-jurisdictional real estate brokerage. I’ve had the privilege of working in over 15 states and first started working with Mr. Solomon when I was in Philadelphia and have been thoroughly impressed with his attention to detail and knowledge of the real estate industry. With any legal situation, I would rely on Mr. Solomon to provide me guidance and he did promptly and with precision. This book provides a detailed overview of any legal situation or law that needs to be known in any part of the real estate transaction and you will be able to use in daily situations. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is in the real estate business. It is a must have absolute necessity!”

Chris Marmelejo
Real Estate Consultant

“Our management consultancy works with national title agencies and other real estate service providers  (both startups and established) across the country. A big part of the work we do is to guide and help our clients do things the ‘right way’.

Until this book, there has not been an organized, handy and comprehensive resource tool available to show title agents what the bottom line rules are in each jurisdiction nationally. In my 20 plus years in the industry, I’ve not seen a document this comprehensive and well researched.  We have recommended this to all of our clients and the material has been extremely well received!”

Howard Turk
CEO & President
Prosperity Forward

“All I can say is this manual is  AWESOME! Any real estate professional who practices in multi-states should have a copy. It’s a magnificent desk reference for an executive and great for operations teams in mortgage or title as well as real estate brokerage. I wish I had it 20 years ago. It would have saved years of research.”

Walton Tate
CEO & President
Clean Title LLC

“The manual is the perfect training tool or desk reference for any mortgage, title or real estate professional. I have been in the real estate service business for 16 years and no book exists where every law and custom can be found in one place. Its an encyclopedia for the real estate transaction professional. The book was written with precision and the legal citations back up all the law which is tied to different parts of the real estate transaction process. I would highly recommend this manual for any real estate professional who is involved in multi-state transactions. You will use it every day as a reality check on any question you might have. Kudos to Solomon and his team!”

Soni Rahman
Knowledge Splice

“Allen Solomon is unparalleled in his insight and knowledge regarding the national settlement services industry.  This manual harnesses over 20 years of research and experience brought up to the minute yielding the most comprehensive resource that every real estate service professional should have in their office. A must-have reference which is second to none.”

Paul Harrington
Global Director of Sales
Knowledge Splice